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G-Mee Play-Android Smart Device (not a Cellphone) for Kids-Mp3 Player, Spotify Music Player & More-Kids’ Electronics w/ Bluetooth and WiFi-Kids Safe for Ages 6 + w/ Built-in Parental Controls


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Product Description

g-mee logog-mee logo

Revolutionary Digital Entertainment with Built-in Parental Control

g-mee play-blueg-mee play-blue

App-based content chosen by you


Along with the handset, you’ll receive a micro USB Cable, an earphone, a clear case, a screen protector, and some cool stickers your kids will love.


Watch their favorite shows, contents: G-mee Play can be used to play or stream MP4 content player, youtube for kids, Practice Mindfulness using Apps of your own choosing: Headspace, Smiling Mind, Mindfulness PodcastsStream or Listen to their favorite music/audiobooks: Spotify music player, mp3 player, audible, blinkistPlay their favorite podcasts, audiobooks, and many more!


>Please scan the QR code on the Box to watch set-up videos and other self-help videos.

G-mee Play BoxG-mee Play Box

G-mee Play-A Safer Smart Device for Young Users (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled but not a Cellphone)

The G-mee Play is a Smartplayer designed to give its users a safer digital life. It is built with the following 3 Main Principles in mind:

1. SAFETY – Built-in Safety with the APP LOCK Feature. No Cameras to avoid photo and video sharing.

2. INDEPENDENCE – With G-mee Play, parents can allow or disallow apps you deem age-appropriate for your kids without having to worry about the contents they are consuming. Kids can enjoy their favorite android apps in their own time.

3. ENTERTAINMENT – In a digital world, we can’t simply cut off kids from smart devices just because there are dangers that come with it. As parents, all we can do is guide them to choose contents that are age-appropriate. Letting them listen to podcasts, music or watch their favorite videos and shows in their own time or during a road trip is a great way to keep them entertained.

Special Key Features

G-mee App lock

G-mee App lock

G-mee Play-No Cameras

G-mee Play-No Cameras

G-mee Play-Portable Entertainment

G-mee Play-Portable Entertainment

Built-in App Lock

With G-Mee Play, it’s now easier to allow or disallow apps you deem age or developmentally-appropriate for your kids before giving them the device. You can also explain to them why they have restrictions (your concern to their safety), and when they may have access to specific apps when they reach a certain age.

Guardians can now have peace of mind without having to worry about the contents their kids are consuming when they are left with a smart device.

No Cameras

The No Cameras feature of G-mee Play is meant to give Guardians peace of mind that the kids are not sharing photos and videos of themselves online, whether it’s accidental or deliberate.

Removing the Font and Rear Cameras is meant to reduce online risk for young users.

Entertainment Anywhere

Younger users of smart devices mostly want a gadget to play. Now, if you give them your own smartphone, where you do your banking transactions, shopping, and communication with colleagues, that’s where it gets dangerous. Before you knew it some messages might have been sent to your contacts or an order has been placed.

It’s better to give them an entertainment device made for their age.

g-mee play-boy in blueg-mee play-boy in blue

G-mee-Gadget for kidsG-mee-Gadget for kids Designed to Keep Users Safe

Your G-mee device comes with built-in content controls to help manage the apps that can be used on the device.

G-mee App Lock is a preinstalled feature that allows individual apps to be encrypted and accessible only after entering a PIN.

You can be rest assured that kids are consuming contents you’ve allowed You can have peace of mind that they are not sharing photos online, whether it’s accidental or not

Who is this for?

Designed to offer you everything that you want, and nothing that you don’t!

The G-mee Play is the perfect device when you are looking for a first touch screen device for your child.

Nobody wants to risk the dangers of handing their child a phone and giving them the keys to the kingdom. From accidental purchases from in-game features, to pay to play apps and a whole lot more – it’s easier not even to risk it.

G-mee Play gives you the ability to have a device that can download any app you allow, while also blocking and preventing any risks from the ones you don’t.

Technical Details

Android Version: Android 8.1 Memory Storage: 8GB internal memory Micro SD: up to 32GB Apps: via Google Play Store Lock Apps: with Pin Code Wi-Fi: 2.4 GHz Bluetooth: Yes Mobile Network Calls & SMS: N/A Screen size: 5 inches Battery: 2200 mAh Brand: G-Mee Manufacturer: G-Mee

G-MEE-girl in the carG-MEE-girl in the car

g-mee box-outdoorsg-mee box-outdoors Our list of devices

G-mee Connect is a Smartphone. Ideal users are kids ages 8 and above (not available in the US)G-mee Play is a Smartplayer. Ideal Users are kids ages 7 and above.

Our Story

The research, design and development of G-mee is a story of Aussie innovation.

G-mee creator, Charlie Brown, is an accomplished technology expert, broadcaster and producer that has tried and tested almost every popular smart device on the market.

As a father and tech guru, Charlie developed G-mee to make smart devices accessible for all users in a way that delivers safe exploration and content consumption.

” My wife Rachel wanted a device that would play apps our kids could use in their bedrooms safely. There was nothing that did that,” Brown explained.

Brown created the device to strike a balance between users getting all the best of smart tech in one personalised smartphone. SAFETY: Having the ability to limit exposure to unwanted or unsuitable content. ENTERTAINMENT: In a digital world, we can’t simply cut off kids from smart devices just because there are dangers that come with it. As guardians, all we can do is guide them to choose better contents INDEPENDENCE: Having the option to have adventure but managed adventure in the digital space

📲 SAFE FOR YOUNG USERS: G-mee Play is a kids safe smart android device (*no SIM slot)! It has a built-in parental controls so you can lock inappropriate apps, and prevent your kids from downloading apps you don’t allow. The cameras are removed to give parents peace of mind that kids are not sharing photos and videos of themselves to others online. It’s a kids’ electronic device that can serve as mp3 player, spotify music player, mp4 player, youtube for kids, and many more entertainment apps.
📲 CONNECTIVITY: G-mee Play is Bluetooth & Wi-Fi-enabled so kids can connect it to their headphones or speakers, and stream their favorite content like youtube for kids, spotify music player, mindfulness apps. G-mee Play is the perfect solution if you are looking for smart gadgets to give your kids entertainment (but not a cellphone). Don’t let them use your phone, get them their own G-mee Play and download the apps they love, and you approve from the Google Play store.
📲 ENTERTAINMENT: W/ this electronic device for kids, they can have a great experience with their favorite mp3 & mp4 content, youtube for kids, video player, with the parental control in place to keep them safe. Perfect as a boy or girl birthday gift age 7-8 where they can enjoy many apps and functionalities like alarm clock, mindfulness activities, audiobooks, podcast, portable movie player for kids, etc. Guardians are still advised to monitor and give limits to their kids screen time.
👍 EASY TO SET-UP. G-mee Play is designed to be parent-friendly, kid-friendly and means its simply a cool gadget for kids. The device was designed to allow access to only the apps allowed by the guardian. Mainly used as a music player for kids, touch screen mp3 player and many more uses.
👍 VALUE FOR MONEY: G-mee Play comes with a Clear Protector Case, Screen Protector, micro usb power cable and wired Earbuds (*US power adapter not included). With its 5″ screen, it’s the perfect smart device size to be carried in smaller pockets. A perfect gifts for 6 year old girl or boy. If you encounter any issues with the set up, don’t hesitate to send us a message. We will do our best to help you.

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G-Mee Play-Android Smart Device (not a Cellphone) for Kids-Mp3 Player, Spotify Music Player & More-Kids’ Electronics w/ Bluetooth and WiFi-Kids Safe for Ages 6 + w/ Built-in Parental Controls


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